Mountain Capital is an energy private equity firm established in 2015 by a team of experienced professionals led by Sam Oh. Mountain Capital aims to be the partner of choice for the middle market, focusing on growth and turnaround capital investments in the energy sector.

Our firm is led by a unique blend of energy professionals with complementary backgrounds and skillsets who collectively have more than 150 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Oh and our team have developed a distinctive investment approach with a penchant for complicated situations that require a sophisticated understanding of the capital structure, deep knowledge of the underlying assets and a gentle approach to management and stakeholders.

We are dedicated to capital preservation and long-term value creation for our investors by avoiding “hot” new areas and “emerging” trends, choosing instead to identify and partner with proven management teams with a geographic focus in known high-quality basins that would benefit from the application of modern technology.


Mountain Capital targets control investments in the energy sector. We seek to partner with high quality, proven operators to pursue investment opportunities that we believe offer positively skewed upside opportunities with potential downside protection in mind. Mountain Capital believes that good value is often found by working with partners who have a specific operating angle or edge and by pursuing opportunities that are complex in nature.


Mountain Capital believes that our team’s deep energy sector knowledge and thematic approach to sourcing investments will allow us to develop unique investment opportunities. Mountain Capital expects to draw on our team’s extensive network of management teams and oil and gas industry contacts for significant deal flow. In addition, Mountain Capital expects that its concentrated portfolio and its commitment to active portfolio management will give the Fund an advantage in attracting opportunities.


Mountain Capital operates with the strong belief that value is created during all phases of the investment, from investment research & development through post-investment and exit. Mr. Oh has assembled the team at Mountain Capital based on each individual’s experience, relationships and ability to contribute to each of these phases. Mountain Capital intends to be an active investor by working with management teams in a number of strategic capacities.